Descriptive Terms In Real Estate Advertising + More Definitions

If you’re selling a home, the odds are great you struggle with the meaning of descriptive real estate terms. Here are definitions and explanations for more conditions.

+ Shed

These are normally seen in Dutch colonial style properties and are flat-roofed dormers. Sometimes these dormers are windows that are single, but often they can be three or two windows side by side with a single flat-roof.

Blind Dormer

Sometimes contractors construct windows that are fake to include interest to fresh houses. They may be at attic stage but cannot be be found from your loft because the roof of the home handles access to them.

+ Oversize Garage+

Adverts frequently say westwood executive condo how many cars a garage will maintain. Then they add the term + oversize+ as in oversize 2-car garage.+ What is generally meant is that there is area for safe-keeping. Sometimes it just indicates you’ll be able to open a car door!
+Gourmet Kitchen+

This term is intended to convey the idea a great cook can joyfully work here. That might or might not be the case, but it does usually mean that the kitchen is not rather small and captivating.

+ Great

I’ve seen this found in two ways that were distinctly different. The foremost is always to explain dining area a family area, and kitchen in an exceedingly open-floor plan. The region generally has a ceiling that is high. The next manner I’ve seen it employed is when what we might usually contact a family room includes a fire-place using a mantel that is dramatically huge, a ceiling, and possibly an upstairs balcony overlooking it. I believe this might stem in the notion of a + great hall+ in homes that are British that are old.
When you can get down the terminology, you will be way forward in the real-estate game. Search for future posts on this area or see our website to see more phrases.

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